Fulfillment Transformed

Industrial robotic hardware and software productivity platform for warehouses

Quadruple fulfillment efficiency
Fast deployment
Small space and large-scale

Small space, large-scale

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Complete control
Fulfilmatica cloud tracks many advanced metrics and offers a real-time 3D visualization of the client's warehouse and our devices.
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On-demand queue management
A growing preference for same day deliveries among many customer groups puts pressure on conventional warehouses. Fulfilling same-day deliveries is usually expensive and much less efficient without predictive algorithms and at least some goods movement automation. Labor intensity makes return on investment hard for such sales models. Fufilmatica solves it for small, medium and big companies with precision and cost-effectiveness.
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Space efficiency
The robotic goods to person solution offers a higher level of storage density with blind shelves accessible only to robots. Over 80% increase of storage capacity is possible even in condensed spaces, starting from 130m2.

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